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The Pershall Group would like to highlight one of our favorite local services in West Des Moines, Andrea Tedder is a Licensed Massage Therapist, both Derrick and Rachel use Andrea and love her work. Please see below about Andrea and her services plus how to book with Andrea if you are interested in scheduling a service.

My name is Andrea Tedder, Licensed Massage Therapist. I am a mom by day and a massage therapist by night these days. I have 3 kids, born and raised in Iowa. I enjoy weightlifting, hanging out with my kids and boyfriend and of course what I do! I specialize in therapeutic deep tissue massage, also traditional Swedish massage. I am medically certified in Myofascial work, also certified in the Graston Technique, also known as muscle scraping and trained in cupping. I have been licensed for over 8 years now and continuing to learn new techniques all the time.

To Book:

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