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Grub Control & Other Curb Appeal Tasks for June

You’ll spend less time if you do these things now rather than later. June’s a critical month to make sure a key curb appeal asset gets some TLC: your lawn.

Buy Outdoor Power Tools

Trim 15% to 30% off the cost of powered edgers, saws, and more by taking

advantage of Father's Day sales — which typically offer the lowest prices of the year.

Start a Lawn Watering Schedule

When temps climb into the 80s, make sure your lawn's getting enough water to preserve your curb appeal. That means at least 1 inch of water a week for cool

season grasses and a half-inch for warm-season varieties.

Use Grub Control

Grubs dine on your lawn's roots. Left to gorge, they'll kill your lawn. That's not cheap to replace: up to $2 a square foot to re-sod. Go the preventive route, and spread a lawn grub-control product that will take care of the eggs now — before they hatch and start munching hungrily.

Stick to a Mowing Schedule

Cutting your grass too long or too short, or neglecting to cut it regularly will

slowly erode your property's good looks. To prevent that, you (or your lawn service) should cut no more than one-third of the grass blade per mow. Whacking off more leaves your yard susceptible to pests and disease.

Note: You may need to plan for up to two mows a week to stay ahead of growth.

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