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Goal Setting with Lululemon

When people think about lululemon, they think about sexy tank tops, sleek running jackets, and black yoga pants. But at lululemon they practice goal-setting year around not just at the beginning of the year and the program’s been an integral part of the culture since the business launched in 1998.

Lululemon's Vision

Lululemon’s goal-setting program is based on a 10-year plan. It breaks down into three areas of life: health, personal, and career. They begin by visualizing what their life will look like in 10 years. From there, the goal-setting works backwards: The big vision is broken down into five- and one-year goals to help make the long-term objective a reality. People set one-year goals that are easy to visualize and within arms’ reach. But the problem with only setting short-term goals is that they don’t contain a bigger picture. Lululemon advises goal-setters to start making little changes immediately, since those can add up and end up influencing who they’re hoping to become in 10 years.

Join us at Lululemon's goal setting event!

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